Gearing UP UP + AWAY


Annnnd so the prep begins! I'm sitting here moving pages here, rearranging photographs there and I am still yet to publish a thing. Ugh. Note to future self: Don't deflect from being proactive and productive. It doesn't look good on you.

After those 40 words, I'm pretty sure it's time to Kit-Kat...

I kid I kid. On a legitimate note, hats off to all the bloggers I girl-fan over! Content and presentation is not as straight forward as most believe. The fuss pot that is me certainly appreciates a well designed page with little clutter and easy navigation!

Here's to kicking off prep for this here, my little Tale & Sway cheers + clink. I'm not even actively published yet - BUTTT you know what? It's best to document these pre-op steps no? Or is it present-op, geez I don't know but the gist is I'm noting the process. 

Maybe in my case I should call some parts of my prep stumbling blocks; it's demanding and some what dependent on time, inspiration, procrastination, value, accessibility and space. Definitely on creativity as well.

Zee to do list:
- Finalise zeee logo - props to
- Embrace this here digital space - totally key
Decide which photos I look best in - keeping it real, ha!
Secure my domain
- Subscribe my site
- Build content
- Get snap happy - already on the case
- Stop procrastinating
- Repeat the above 'to do' - that's right, stop writing about prep and actually do some. 

On that note. I best get to kicking into gear to get that prep in motion to get this up, up + away!

Here's to finding my feet!