And we're up + at 'em!

Ohh snap, first post here we are! Feet shufflin' and shoulder poppin'

Given how much the first read/visit to a new blog can influence whether or not one returns, I'll say - whether it's the first of many or the first and last - sweet thanks for your time visiting my little journal. I'm truly sahhh excited!

Before I share too much on this very public platform, I'm reminding myself to be a realist and shed light on the truth that it can be a tough gig being apart of today's society. Digital in particular. Right?! Particularly when the weight of expectation, manipulation and condescension are heavily thrust upon us as women/men, mothers/fathers, friends and leaders causing us to be more vulnerable, making it all the more easier to be influenced by what we hear, read and watch.

The realist in me knows some of what I may share won't be for everyone and with that being said I'll make it no secret I personally believe you do you, I'll do me. Each to their own. I have a hope even if some say I'm foolish that we'd try our best to never compromise ourselves, how we feel, or what makes us happy simply as result of poor judgement and/or by the opinions of others. No matter the style of your clothes, the company you keep, the brand of nappies or wipes you use to clean your babies butt, even the choice to drink bottled water and never tap or that you use a twelve dollar face primer beneath an exy I can't afford to eat for a week foundation; your preferences and the choices you make are just that - your preferences and your choices.
Just as what I share on here are a reflection of mine. My experiences, passions, choices and well yeah my opinions. They're not always right, PC or sensible yep sadly I'm not a genius know it all but they are mine and I own them. I'm a sharer the occasional over sharer but for me it's all about connecting and learning with some laughter in the mix.

Here's to one post down with countless to go and hopefully a mutual understanding I'm only trying to engage, not offend sooo come bask in the ambiance of my little Tale & Sway even if occasionally ridiculous.  

Come sway with me, xx