Catching your breath

Regardless of whether you're a parent, single or one half of a duo; I'm a huge advocate for solo time, doing just you! It's healthy to take in all that is you - especially when you're not feeling so whole. Whether it be driving to the shops, coffee date for one, in my case a quick jetset, time to yourself to "bookworm" it, or a day at the beach, I say make time for you with only you.
I'm a social kid and FOMO can get the total best of me, but I've discovered there's only so long you can deny yourself "me" time before your soul starts to demand it for you even if it's a mere 11 minutes of your day.

This post right hurrr is in relation to my time of not feeling so... Regular. Whole. Human. No time like the present to keep it one hundred right? 
In times of distress or let's be honest when life's in utter shambles, what better way to regroup than to take some time, count your blessings, visit friends, make memories, reminisce the old, meet new faces, cry until you can’t, laugh until it hurts and breathe. Really breathe? I couldn't think of any better alternative so that’s precisely what I set out to do. 

Having been confronted with more change than I'd ever endured over a span of years in the space of a few short weeks between work, family and my own personal state of mind; it had been a tough few months. I'd reached a place where I was so mentally, spiritually and physically overwhelmed with all these adjustments that sleep deprivation had become a well-known friend frenemy more so and anxiety a close cousin. This dynamic duo bore the sweet gifts of isolation and balding uh-huh my hair was falling out. It's more than fair to say I was "losing it", I lost my ability to be the best version of myself and the best influence for my babies. I wasn't aware at the time but I was in need of something to lead me back to - well, me. A new and improved me *wink* was what we were going for.

Seizing an opportunity selflessly provided by my loved ones I cleared five days, packed up my carry on, kissed my little loves and Jetstarred my way to my beloved city of Brisbane and set out to regather myself and breathe. Breathe deep. 
I filled my days in the sunshine state enveloped in the best of company, spending some serious quality time with some of my best friends. 
I made the most of cheeky chuckles with their delicious babies, celebrated the presence of some phenomenal people, honoured International Womens Week by way of music you were killer Melody, had glorious lounge room chills, road tripped it to Byron Bay with my loves, danced, sung and shamelessly Snapchatted more often than I should care to admit! <insert shameless plug to Snapchat> snap me at: tahleahlindsay -ha!

Frequently FaceTiming my little loves throughout each day kept me close to home. Their laughs, excitable and speedy spoken stories of the days events; along with sweet camera covering kisses, were a clear reminder that although I'm often confronted with the feeling of being a fail of a parent with the incessant need to push harder to be so much better, wiser, stronger; their love for me knows no bounds. And while I get my head, emotions and hair game back on point let's hope the balding ceases their love remains the same. They're endlessly adoring no matter my matted yet thinning hair, occasional tears, sentimental breakdowns, awful attempts at reading in character I do a pretty bad ass Big Bad Wolf though or those nights they have simple eggs and noodles because mama is lacking kitchen creativity and energy! I'm not the only one right?! Distance couldn't make my heart grow any more fonder but it sure was a tender reminder how sweet it is to love and be loved by the sweetest little souls, my honey loves. 

Ughhh, Brisbane though... You are and have always been oh-so sweet to me you glorious city! 
These five days provided so much goodness for my soul sounds so cornballs but seriously - so much goodness. I breathed in the good and exhaled the bad, purposefully freed my soul of any unnecessary absurd and delusional burdens and took time to rid my mind of all the negative clutter. I focused on the love, good energy and sweetness of Brisbane and its inhabitants whilst counting my blessings one by one. I lost count, too blessed to be stressed hey. Eating among the kindest hearts, meeting sweet faces that new girlfrannnnnd you make in the bathroom - shout out to Tish and learning some legitimate life lessons from a practical stranger Dan, a stranger no more - seriously made for a memorable trip.

I know in relation to my time away in Brisbane some even many may criticise and claim my "breather" was unnecessary and largely selfish. That put simply, I should have sucked it up and pulled my sh*t together; and to that all I can say is, each to their own.
I hear you, trust me. Tried and tested I assure you, and should mention - Failed. I tried various methods/avenues to overcome what mental and emotional strains I was dealing with and got a whole lot of nowhere. Taking time to myself was encouraged by my loved ones and for their suggestions I won't feel guilt or shame. Instead, I'm grateful for the love and support I'm surrounded by and that a need for revival in me was identified even if too proud to admit it myself and this time away, this "me" time, "solo" time - call it what you will; it proved to be valuable in more ways than one. I returned edified, with a renewed energy and uplifted spirit, with a better understanding of my worth as a woman and mama, feeling closer to "whole" than I had in a long time with the ability to breathe easy. 

So here's to catching your breath! If you need it even for just a moment get that solo time in. It's not so much selfish as to being somewhat necessary for the mind, heart and soul! Don't deny or neglect your mental and emotional health. 
Breathe deep. Then repeat. 

Keep to your sway, xx