A change or two for the newb

Well the last month has sure been a doozy and sadly my ambition to post weekly has been an absolute fail! Sure killed the vibe of consistency, bloody newbie!
Sooo what’s been my deal? I kicked off May in a brand spankin’ new role with Optus ahhh my beloved team, Ole! Ole! Ole! And during the first week of meeting my new entourage and absorbing my new roles and responsibilities, I was unexpectedly head-hunted externally; making for one tough decision – anyone who has followed me on snapchat would have a clear idea of just how much I love my job at Optus and my colleagues especially documenting the frustrations of the anti-snappers #snapchatfiend Ha!

So there was now a big ol’ question mark looming, forcing me to consider if Optus was still the best option for me and my little clan. With an opportunity to work closer to home, have more time with my honey loves and to bring more bread to the table; my options had to be earnestly explored. Long story short, blah blah blah I made the decision which was best for my family and I; I resigned from Optus cried like a damn fool on multiple occasions and have since hit the ground running or so I hope with my new company. With the first week under my belt; although experiencing some serious separation anxiety from Optus the love was THAT real, I’m slowly transitioning into the new industry and new work culture and it’s been… pretty darn great.

Amongst these changes I also celebrated Mr Chingalings birthday, my baby turned TWO! I can’t believe it, time sure is one stealthy thief! My loved ones and I celebrated our fearless wonder boy with a Playdate Picnic in the Park where we rocked out for almost 7 hours on swings, slides, scooters, flying foxes and climbing walls with many of our family and friends. Blaxland Riverside Park – make the trek, you won’t regret it. *Photo cred: George Osborne AKA Georgie

You see, I was a little busy BUT in fairness I can’t blame my lack of posts on just the above. Although my ass was seriously exhausted from 5 weeks of chaos, by the time I came to start writing this post I realised I’d never considered if once a week was not only too ambitious but too often for any audience? Or not often enough? No one wants to be the chic or dude whose posts are sooooo regular or ridiculous they result in exasperated eye rolls or grunts - but then again… who says I even have an audience?! Getting over myself very quickly because - well yeah, I’m a total newb - I remind myself that I work full time, parent two humans and I’m still discovering my blogger flow but where lies the importance is that I’m determined to keep at it even if posts are five weeks apart! So, thank you frequenters who have patiently held me accountable by asking when my next post was – here it is! And thank YOU for swaying with me and taking up the read!

I may be delayed but… I’m here to sway! xx